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"Thanks", Ila Ree (Decker) Piel: ipiel@jimachine.com , Ted Repa: Theodore.Repa@touro.edu , Danette: aalauer@cox.net & danette@adlauer.com , Jerry Henning: JerryH4003@sbcglobal.net , and Paul & Muffy Peugh for a GREAT Reunion.

San Dieguito High School Class of '61 Reunion Photos.

Held at Yogi's Bar in Cardiff, and John & Muffy Peugh's home the next day on the Sept. 17, 2011.

Great pictures below were taken by Boydd Galland:

50th Reunion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gqsVji3e8w

Double-Click, to save a copy of our 1961 San Dieguito Annual.

September 15 & 16, 2007

Video of Classe '62 Reunion at Richard Bumman's home and '37 t0 '70 Fair Grounds in 2007.

Below pictures provided by: Barbee (Makepeace) Andrina.

Index to our San Dieguito 37-07 Reunion Photos, the copies we paid for.

September 14, 2007

July 28, 2001
Video of Class of '61 Reunion Picnic in 2001.

David Mounts' Space Machines

June 10, 2000
The following line was added by Mary Wilt Cook, Class of '62.

August 10, 1996
Video of Class of '61 Reuion at the Loma Santa Fe Inn, in Solana Beach, CA.

Video of Class of '61 Picnic.

July 5, 1991
Video of Classes '61 & '62 Reunion on the San Diego Ferry. First hour.

Video of Classes '61 & '62 Reunion on the San Diego Ferry. Second hour.

Video of Classes '61 & '62 Picnic.

Pictures from Reunion Book of 1981

Reunion Book from 1971

Some of our reunion committee members.

Fifth Grade Solana Beach Elementary School Photo, 1954

Microsoft Excel documents courtesy of Curtis Jenkins:curtis_jenkins@sbcglobal.net
Class of '61 info.

Microsoft Excel documents courtesy of Theodore Repa:Theodore.Repa@touro.edu
Class of '61 info.

The official website of San Dieguito High School/Academy Alumni.

The official website of San Dieguito High School with Class of '61 info.

Songs from our day

Rosalie (Rubalcaba) Plummer, we miss you.

And with special thanks to Ila Ree (Decker) Piel, and Danette (Giles) Lauer, without whom I'm sure our reunion committees would have failed.
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